An old fashioned love story – Benny & Charles engagement shoot

Benny & Charles WEDDaily006
It’s definitely no longer a secret that beautiful landscapes and a beautiful couple make really great engagement picture.

The pre-wedding album of Benny & Charles really awes us much for its spectacular combination of beautiful smiles, gorgeous couple, and their sweet romantic love.

Benny shares their love story with Wed Daily:

I just want to start off by saying anything is possible. My fiancé and I met in a way many people would call old fashion. We are from the same state and better still the same home town. I spent 21 years of my life not knowing he existed, until one fateful day his mum spotted me in Church. Hallelujah!!!

She asked her friend sitting down beside her in church if she knew me, unknowing to her that my mum was sitting in front of her. To cut the long story short that’s how “my son will marry your daughter started”.

When my mum told me about what had happened, I didn’t know this serere has been going on for months without me knowing. I said to my mummy “look you are on your own, #OYO”. It’s as if you have another daughter to give her son to marry.

Christmas of that year, he came to visit his parents and spend time with his siblings, unfortunately we never met; although he had met with my parents in church. Easter the next year when I came visiting, his mum brought a big bowl of baked chin chin (very delicious I must confess) along with her came two of his elder sisters Ghen-ghen-ghen-ghen!!! And the first thing she said to me after we finally met one on one was “my dear, my son will call you please pick his call ooh” I smiled and said yes ma. The next thing that popped in my head was this woman is actually serious ooh choi, what kind of boy cannot look for a girlfriend on his own eh God.

On that fateful day he called, we both introduced ourselves, spoke at length and during the course of the call he told me to hold on like three times, different people kept on interfering with the call, even when I was forced to say “hey look call me back when you are less busy” he refused, apologized and said it was work related. Then and there I made up my mind not to take him seriously.

When I got back to Lagos after the Easter break he kept on calling that he wanted to put a face to the voice he has been hearing. At first I was very reluctant to meet up with him not knowing that we would have missed out on true love. Within 3weeks of knowing each other it felt as if we had known each other our whole lives.

He was very persistent in making me his girlfriend but I was very hesitant because our parents where already involved, I didn’t want it to be like it was working because both parents wanted us to be together, he was always forming over serious and busy in the office and everything was happening very fast, “how is this going to work” but it did work, if not I wouldn’t be telling this story.

October 6, 2014 my boyfriend asked me to marry him. The proposal is a different story altogether. (I think he would have proposed sooner)…lol.

Always keep an open mind; you never know how God will bless you.

Pre-wedding photos by DIKO Photography:
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Benny & Charles WEDDaily002

Benny & Charles WEDDaily003

Benny & Charles WEDDaily004

Benny & Charles WEDDaily005

Benny & Charles WEDDaily006

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Benny & Charles WEDDaily009

Benny & Charles WEDDaily010

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Benny & Charles WEDDaily014
Photography: DIKO Photography ~  –  @dikophotography

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