5 ways to ensure you get the “beauty” out of your sleep?

We should probably start of this article by letting you guys know that beauty sleep is actually a thing, and not just a phrase someone uses when teasing you about sleeping too much.

Getting adequate sleep has a ton of physical and emotional benefits, which happen to include improving the appearance of your skin. Adequate sleep is getting not less than eight of hours of some shut-eye in a day. But even when you are getting the prescribed eight hours needed to make up your beauty sleep everyday, are you getting the “beauty”out of it?

Here’s how to make sure.

  1. Sleep with the lights off, bright or blinking lights may cause you to be restless during the course of night. Also exposure to bright lights halts the body from producing some essential hormones you need. Get a face mask, if you can’t keep the room completely dark.
  2. Turn off your phone and other electronics before going to bed. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, get a proper alarm clock you can place on your bedside table instead.
  3. You should not eat a very large meal, less than two hours before going to bed. A large meal right before bedtime is not likely to be properly digested by your body overnight.
  4. As impossible as it might seem, try and go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. When you do so, your body establishes a sleeping pattern that helps you wake up naturally without an alarm clock.
  5. Avoid alarm clocks if you can, being suddenly jarred awake by a loud screeching noise every single morning is not a healthy way to live.
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