4 reasons lip crayons are the makeup items you didn’t know you needed

Once in a while a beauty item comes around that changes the game for everyone in the beauty world. Even though the lip crayons are not new to anyone, we often wonder why no one has realized how life changing they are. In case you have any of these babies stashed at the bottom of your makeup bag, here are all the reasons you need to dig them out already.

  1. They double as both a lip liner and lipstick so that your lips are perfectly pouted with just one makeup item.
  2. They usually fall perfectly in-between matte lipsticks and regular gloss lipsticks, for people who can never seem to decide between those two options. However if you have no problem with that, some lip crayons also come in whatever finish you might prefer, from gloss to matte.
  3. They are super easy to use, you’ll have to try really hard in order to fuck up your lip makeup when using a lip crayon.
  4. They are the perfect combination of lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss, without being too much of either of the three. Lip crayons moisturize and heal chapped lips while giving you adequate colour coverage.

So what do you guys think, lip crayons – beauty game changers or not?

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