5 ways to take good care of your weaves

We spend a ton of money on weaves? We don’t like to think about just how much we spend on our weaves, but take a minute to calculate the value of all the weaves and wigs you have. If we spent the total amount on a dress, we would probably only launder the dress with “Garment Care”.

I’m sure a lot of people are thinking right now “that’s not true, I take good care of my weaves”, but dumping your weave with your hairstylist after taking it out, doesn’t count as taking care of it.

If you aren’t following these tips, you are probably not taking good care of your weave.

  1. Put it in,and take it out with care. Instruct your hairstylist not to cut at the weft when taking it out or putting it in. Cutting at the weft, causes the weave to start shedding, at the points that were cut.
  2. Wrap up your weave in a silk scarf to lock in moisture, just as you would with your natural hair. Humidity affects your weave too, you don’t want it to dry out and start breaking just a couple of months after buying it.
  3. Let your weave air dry, instead of using a blow dryer. Hair dryers cause just as much damage to your weave as it does to your hair. Also avoid setting your hair with rollers and hair dryers, those endless hours under the dryers cause a lot of damage to your hair. If you want curls in your hair, use a little leave-in-conditioner and flexi rods.
  4. I always advise dumping your weave with a hairstylist, not just because they can never give it the TLC you would or because you know it’s worth, but because they tend to use cheap hair products on your weave. Take your time, to comb and detangle your weave once you take it out, doing that a few days before you want to put it back in, is not advisable.
  5. Spoil your weave. Use the leave-in-conditioners, you spend so much money on for your natural hair on your weaves too. Don’t buy into the serum scam, serums do nothing for your hair apart from making it heavy and dirty.
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