Aww, Elder sister plays maid of honor at younger sister’s wedding (photos)

the sisters
Peju and Denike at Peju’s bridal shower

Aww, we love when sisters are best of friends!

the bride
Peju in all of her glory

Peju Taiwo now (Mrs Ajayi) got married yesterday to the man of her dreams and soul mate in Lagos and the best part is that she had her elder sister by her side all through, how sweet!

taiwo and pj
Mr and Mrs Ajayi
The sisters at the engagement ceremony
Peju, Denike and bridal train
the sisters wed
The sisters at the traditional wedding
the sweet sisters
Peju and her maid of honor
the beautiful sisters
The ‘beautiful sisters call each other ‘My ride or die chick’


them girls
Oh how much we adore this photo



Not to mention this deep prayer from Denike to her younger sister…Amen!!!

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