BEAUTY: Are primers really worth the hype?


So what’s the deal, are primers necessary or just a commercial gimmick? Primers are available in cream, gel and powder form -developed with silicone-based polymers.

by Rachel Ogbu

Many beauty obsessives have a love-hate relationship with primers. They are said to smoothen the skin base before the foundation application and should give you a flawless finish while making your make up last longer but there is an argument spreading among make-up artists that the primer effect is all a myth.

To be honest, many of us keep the primer application for only special occasions and don’t really know how it affects our overall outlook. This article is here to help that conundrum.

Primers are available in cream, gel and powder form -developed with silicone-based polymers, like dimethicone which some people with cystic acne and other skin conditions could react to. So that’s something to bear in mind.

There are eye primers, primers for the lips, face primers with tints and shimmer, matte and luminous.  So what’s the deal, are they necessary or just a commercial gimmick?


These are the benefits of using a primer according to beauty experts. Applying a thing layer of primer on your face can reduce your pores and depending on the brand, it can even enhance skin tone.

Primer applied as a base are also said to smoothen facial lines/ pores and make everything applied after it look smooth and velvety.

Primers serve as a protective layer between your skin and all the chemicals in foundations, eye shadows and powders. “I started using cosmetics at the age of 20 and I remember that the first tip that I received was from the talented Lan Nguyen who told me that I should use The Body Shop Skin Primer- Matte it, £12 to stay shine free all day long. Since then, trust me, I’ve never used any other product to prime my skin, I love the texture and it keeps my makeup flawless,” says UK based beauty expert, Mamakassé Doucouré.

According to House of Tara, for great skin work, the face needs to be mattified properly. Primer allows the foundation and powder sit well on the skin, it also helps it last longer. “I recommend the house of Tara mattifying face primer, it comes in a Jelly form and it helps the foundation glide smoothly on the skin and sits well all day,” Tara says.

Tara Primer
Zaron Primer
Zaron Primer


Some make-up artists believe that primers are not for all skin types and there are skin complexions that don’t agree with primers. “Based on my experience, most primers just sit on your face,” says Lagos based MUA, Tolani. “I prefer using a really good moisturiser because all that is just another layer of product to slather on your skin.”

Christie Jacobs think primers were responsible for clogging her pores and was a breakout-causing nightmare. “I used to use moisturiser as an eyeshadow primer before I’d even heard of eyeshadow primers. It was just a beauty trick I picked up somewhere,” says Devotee on Makeup Talk. “When I learned there were eyeshadow primers on the market, I dismissed them as a money-making gimmick. I think they are honestly, you can get the same effect with moisturiser.”

Bonus point

*Find the right primer for your skin. When you do use primer, try this time to combine and blend your primer into your foundation and apply them together to give you a long-lasting effect. Check Zaron for their primer range.

*Plus if you have good skin and want to achieve the Meghan wedding effect, then just apply only primer, no foundation or concealer. It will give you fresh dewy face.

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