Beauty and the budget: Honey might be all you need for your skin care routine

The inflation rate of most of our regular beauty and skin care products has many of us seeking out good cheaper alternatives and natural products fit this bill best. But even natural products can be pricey too. Oils like argan and coconut oil don’t exactly come cheap. One natural alternative however, that might just be the answer to all our prayers is honey.

Honey is obviously not traditionally meant to be used as a facial product, it Is sweet and sticky and should probably only go into food, so I understand any reservations you guys might have about it.

But here’s what you may not know about honey, it has antimicrobial qualities that in theory will keep your face clean, won’t strip away your natural oils, and is also beneficial in dealing with acne. The catch? It has to be raw unprocessed honey, not any of that stuff they sell in the supermarkets.

Using honey as a face wash is supposed to replace your need for any other facial products, like your cleanser or toner and maybe even your moisturiser, since it doesn’t strip your face off its natural oils.

While some people are not strangers to using honey for facials, having it replace all of their other facial care products is probably unheard of. I haven’t tried it yet, because I haven’t found a reliable place to buy the raw and unprocessed stuff -will probably have to take a trip to the village- but I’ll update this post once I do.

Meanwhile if you’ve been looking to switch up your skin care routine, why not try it?

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