4 beauty habits that will help you save a ton of money

If you don’t already, take some time out to calculate exactly how much you spend in a month on your beauty routines and habits, the total amount might surprise you. These are some of the many beauty habits we spend good money on that we can cut out of our routines and help us develop better saving habits.

  1. Getting your nails done professionally. If you don’t have artificial nails fixed, there is no need to see a professional. Take some time out during the weekends to do them yourself, it won’t take more than half an hour. If you do get artificial nails done, then you can’t avoid going to a professional but skip doing pedicures there and do it yourself at home to save some money.
  2. DIY your facials, instead of getting someone to do it for you, nobody can show your skin the right amount of love and affection you would anyway. Also the amount of money you’ll spend on one facial is probably enough to buy half a couple of months worth of skin care products.
  3. Invest in natural oils and DIY scrubs for your skin care routine, instead of buying high end products. This is not something you absolutely have to do, since we all love our beauty products but this tip might help when you are  going through a broke phase.
  4. Cancel the hair treatment appointment at that overpriced salon, and do it yourself if there is no reason for you to seek professional help, like when your hair is severely damaged.


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