6 beauty products you should steal from your boyfriend

I can hear the silent groan of anyone in a relationship who is reading this right now.

It is bad enough that we already steal their clothes and friends, now we get to poach their grooming products too. Even though it seems like when it comes to beauty and personal grooming products, women get all the good stuff, our men have a couple of grooming products you might put to better use than them.

Here is a list of your boyfriend’s grooming products, you probably didn’t know you could use or even needed.

  1. Nivea post shave balm
    I talked about using this as a primer for your makeup here. Although it didn’t work for me, I know a couple of people who swear by it. So instead of doling out cash for a new bottle of primer, when you run out, why not try it out.
  2. His razors
    I prefer using men’s razors to shave my legs, because the results are always so much better. They have all these fancy razors with unending numbers of blades that just do a better job than ours.
  3. His shaving cream
    When it comes to shaving creams, men get all the good stuff! For some reason shaving creams meant for them are made with extra love and care. I used my brother’s Dove Men Care shaving cream on my legs last week, and the result was a silky smooth shave.
  4. His after shave
    Using this after shaving your legs is incredibly soothing, and almost always smells incredible. Ask him how he feels when he slaps it on after a shave, that’s exactly how you’ll feel (even better.)
  5. His perfume 
    Just because you love how it smells, and always seems to last so much longer than yours.
  6. His deodorant
    Ever since the price of “Sure” just about doubled, I’ve been using my brother’s deodorant. Not only does it last longer, I really love the musky smell.
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