Beauty review: Almond oil is the new coconut oil

From rescuing our hair, to our skin to even mending broken hearts, coconut oil has been a longtime miracle worker for many people. While its abilities have been largely exaggerated, I can’t deny the fact that coconut oil does work wonders for our skin and hair.

My problem with coconut oil is that although it is one of the natural essential oils which are terrific for our hair and skin, coconut oil has always caused me to breakout, whether I was using it on my hair or face. This caused me to switch to Argan oil, which in my opinion is a miracle worker but a little pricey.

Then I discovered almond oil, and I haven’t looked back since then.

My skin is very acne prone, and when I started using almond oil as a moisturizer it seemed like my breakouts were just getting worse. I was about to stop using it, when I started getting comments from friends about how my skin was clearing up and the tone evening out. Dark circles under my eyes were clearing up, and my skin had a nice healthy glow. I’ve changed my beauty routine and other beauty products I use, a couple of times since I started using almond oil, but I can never leave out almond oil from my routine.

I also tried out the almond oil on my hair in an attempt to rescue it after coming out of a very long damaging relationship with relaxers and hair straighteners. The result? It worked wonders for me.

Before I started using the oil on my hair, my hair was brittle and damaged, every strand had a split end and it broke off anytime I ran a comb through it. I had been using almond oil on my skin for some time at this point, and I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try it out on my hair. So I started applying liberal amounts to my hair before sleeping and covering it up with a silk scarf. After a couple of months, my hair had stopped breaking off and I didn’t have any split ends. My hair looked thicker and healthier, there was no sudden magical growth spurt, and it’ll take months to get my hair back to the length it was. But there is absolutely no product in the world that can make your hair grow.

My verdict on almond oil? I’m definitely saying goodbye to coconut oil for good.

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