Review: Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara is all shades of wrong

For any eye makeup lover, finding the perfect mascara is like Nirvana, and so nothing hurts more than wasting money that would have gone to one, on a very trash Mascara, which is exactly what Maybelline’s -supposedly- Great Lash Mascara is.

Let me start with all the reasons we use Mascara in the first place. Mascara is supposed to make your lashes, darker, longer and thicker in order to draw more attention to your eyes.

For people with already great lashes, finding the perfect mascara means you don’t even need falsies in your life. I cannot explain why the Maybelline mascara does none of the above for me.

First of all I got the mascara because it was supposed to be quite a steal. It was relatively cheap at 2,500 in exchange of  “great lashes”, and I had fallen in love with quite a number of other Maybelline products like their “Clear Smooth All-In-One” powder, and their “Colossal Kajal” eyeliner.

this is actually great liner
This is actually great liner

My first problem with the mascara, was that it made my eyelashes clump together, which was surprising because it is rather wet and takes a number of coats for me to get any decent coverage. As if that wasn’t bad enough, even though I had gotten the one that was supposed to be waterproof, it turned out the only thing that was waterproof about it was the name. Re-watched Titanic while I had the mascara on, and all of it had run down my cheeks even before Jack died. (surely I did not spoil anything, you’ve had almost 20 years to see it.)

My verdict? Definitely not buying it again.

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