8 beauty tips your makeup artist really doesn’t want you to know

With all the beauty vlogs and blogs dishing out beauty tips daily, one would think they’ll have covered ground by now. But apparently they have been holding back a ton of information from us. Self taught (and pretty good too) MUA, and beauty vlogger Paris Heelton (@iamthebombdotcom) took to Twitter to give us a ton of beauty tips, you probably didn’t know. We’ve picked out our top tips to share with you guys.

  1. We are always preaching about how important moisturizing is for your skin. I talked about it here, and oh! look here again. The bottom line is that the first and one of the most key steps in the process of laying your face is moisturizing.


2. And I thought I was the only ones who felt this way. I talked about the magic that is Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray here, and this is proof I wasn’t making it all up.


3. It took me a little while to realize this. I had been using the Mac Fix + for a while, before switching to Urban Decay, and that’s when I realized that the Fix + is anything but a setting spray. Granted it helps with blending out makeup and it gives a certain dewy look when you spray it on. But it will definitely not lock in those brows.


4. I brought out my paper and pen and took notes for this one. Definitely waiting a couple of months after the release of a new product before coping it for my personal use.


5. I screamed preach! at this in my mind. Nobody hates the halo brows more than me. If you are still on that trend you need to hop off it, it never ever looks good. Your aim is to highlight it not map it off the rest off your face.



6. I’ve never seen the use of buying eye-shadow bases, when your concealer and powder can serve the same function.


7. I’m yet to try this, but all my favourite beauty vloggers swear by it. There is no smoke without fire right?Screenshot_20160220-081402_1

8. I have a review of this sitting in my drafts and it’s full of praises for this product. It’s about 1,500 here in Nigeria, and it’s worth of every kobo. It’s also my best concealer to contour.


In all of Paris’s infinite beauty wisdom, we didn’t agree with one tip. I tried this after reading a couple of positive reviews, but apart from making my face a little sticky, it definitely didn’t serve as a primer. Has this worked for you? Let us know.


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