This New Rihanna Fenty Eyeliner Is Called “Cuz I’m Black” And Here’s Why

“Cuz I’m Black” is the shade name of one of Fenty Beauty’s newest launch in the FlyLiner range.

The FlyLiner line launching today July 6 will include the Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette and Pro Filt’r eyelid primer.

The “Cuz I’m Black” black liquid liner was named after her 2011 response when she replied a Twitter user who rudely questioned Rihanna’s hairstyle on the cover of her single “Man Down,” saying, “Why does her hair look so nappy?” Rihanna replied, “Cuz I’m black bitch!!!”

And as they say, Twitter never forgets, that line was restored seven years later, as an eyeliner name.

“It seemed like it would have been extremely difficult but I love everything that I do. I love fashion, I love makeup and I love giving back so it never felt like work,” Rihanna was quoted saying. “It just felt like exciting times, moving through it, non-stop of course but I enjoy it.”

Today Rihanna’s Fenty will also launch an eyeshadow primer, liquid liner, two eyeshadow brushes and a new eyeshadow palette.

Rihanna who has a strong reputation for putting trolls in their place online also has a navy blue lipstick called “Clapback.”

Rihanna Fenty Eyeliner Is Called “Cuz I’m Black”
Rihanna Fenty Eyeliner Is Called “Cuz I’m Black”

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