#BecomingTheOs Abisola Karim and Adaji Okparachi’s trending instagram wedding

Abisola Karim & Adaji Okpanachi have got wedding lovers on instagram talking with their famous wedding hashtag #becomingtheos.

The prewedding:

Wedding planning isn't for wimps. In the midst of it all, we laugh #becomingtheOs

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#engagement #shoot #bloopers #becomingtheOs

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#123days #becomingtheOs #blessed

A photo posted by Daj (@iamdaj) on

Undoubtedly my #WCW for all time. @bibikarim

A photo posted by Daj (@iamdaj) on

One of my favs from Sunday! Thanks for the preview @waleariztos cc: @iamdaj

A photo posted by BiBi Karim (@bibikarim) on


One of my favorite pictures but 😂 why so serious?! @iamdaj @spicyteee #becomingtheOs

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Dedicated to the special women in my life. They make things happen! #love

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Wedding proper


When he wrote her a love poem on their wedding day

The Hand might hold the pen but it's the Heart that writes the Love notes… #becomingtheos

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3. When the Bride gave a shout out to her parents

Cheers to the best parents ever 🎉🎉 #BecomingtheOs

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4. The bride rocked three different outfits for her engagement

5. This moment

6. When the couple showed off their dance moves

@iamdaj @bibikarim #becomingtheOs it is real, signed and sealed!

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#becomingtheOs Husband and Wife entry to the reception! @iamdaj @bibikarim

A video posted by Oshay (@gods_extension) on

Let the timeline flood begin! Yesterday was love at #BecomingtheOs the Traditional Wedding!

A video posted by BiBi Karim (@bibikarim) on

Husband and wife dance off? Who won?? @iamdaj vs @bibikarim 😜 #becomingtheos

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7. Cutting of the cake

When the brides mother is a baker! #becomingtheos

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8. Bridal train

One Million Memories, Ten Thousand inside Jokes, One hundred shared secrets ——-> Best Friends…#becomingtheos

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