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Sometime ago we brought you the prewedding photos of Femi and Iyanu (HERE).

Now we have got their Love and Proposal story 馃檪

The Proposal: Iyanu鈥檚 Story

Every girl on earth has an idea as to how she wants (fantasizes) her proposal to go, I was no different. We all want to be princesses at some point in our individual lives. I love to control everything that happens to me, so I told Femi how I wanted him to propose. I think I said something like this:

Femi, you really need to get this right ooh. The proposal has to be epic, I want my friends there as witnesses. I want a restaurant scene, where even people I don鈥檛 know are happy on my behalf and clap for us when it鈥檚 all over. Obviously, you have to go on one knee and tell me cute things, maybe put the ring in a glass of champagne or in ice cream etc. If not, you are on your own oooo.

Femi is a shy person. I knew I was taking him out of his comfort zone plus I wasn鈥檛 even sure he would do it the way I wanted, anyway I still hoped he will. We had been dating for a while and I kept asking him, 鈥when do you plan to propose?鈥 his response was always a shrug.

This fateful weekend I came to Lagos. I had a full weekend planned, I had to work, visit friends and family and obviously to see Femi as well. For the First two days I stayed at a friends place 鈥淢ense鈥. I had to go home on Saturday night but she kept trying to persuade me to stay. I insisted on going home, Femi came around and also tried to convince me to stay, I won finally and he called a cab for me and insisted on going home with me.

We talked for a while, then he brought up the topic of his proposal and asked me for my opinion on his speech. 鈥What if I said, Iyanu, would you do me the profound honour of being mother to my kids and life partner forever?

I told him that sounded cliche, that he has to be more original, I聽might have even given him a few lines (can鈥檛 really remember). Then he tried again:

Iyanu, before I met you, I had never known what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason. I thought I had the perfect life before I met you. After I met you, I knew I was missing something vital this whole time. You complete me Iyanu. Be my wife?

Well, I was taken aback because even the cab driver was looking at us via his rear mirror. I smiled and told him we still need to work on it a little, then he said he was joking.

When we got to my house, like the gentleman that he was, he saw me to the door, then I told him, he didn鈥檛 need to come in, so I escorted him to get a cab. But then he decided to escort me back to the door and we continued escorting ourselves for about three more times, then while I was escorting him to get a cab for the last time, in the middle of the street, he went on one knee and said:聽鈥What if I wasn鈥檛 joking in the cab? What if I meant what I said? Iyanu, will you be my wife?

I was in awe but that wasn鈥檛 the only emotion I was feeling at the time. I was angry (because its not how I would have planned it), I was excited (because a new journey was about to begin with the man I love), I was shocked (Femi is overcoming his shy nature). Quickly I noticed people were standing and looking at us, so I told Femi to stand up ooh. He said:聽鈥not without an answer. Oya answer me ooh.鈥

Obviously I聽said 鈥Yes darling,聽I鈥檇 love to go on this journey with you, but let鈥檚 remember that you have to propose again ooh. I don鈥檛 like this one ooh.鈥

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