Bobbi Brown’s makeup manual is our book of the month

I hate how most DIY books never actually give you enough information to do whatever task they are selling to you by yourself, especially when it comes to makeup. As a result, I really don’t bother with them, and I just stick to my YouTube tutorial videos. But that was before I discovered “Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual”. On the cover of the book, it claims to be for everyone from beginners to professionals, and they weren’t kidding about that.

First of all I’m going to start with everything I loved about this book, which is a whole lot. I loved how organized it was, it takes you through how to lay your face in steps you didn’t even know you had to take. The book is divided into several parts focusing on things ranging from what brushes to use and where, to eye makeup or lip makeup, to mastering the art of different looks, like the smokey eye.

It even contains information that will help you buy the right products for your complexion and skin type. Basically this book contains all you need to know about getting your face made up ,the book also addresses makeup techniques for different races, so it has techniques for Asians with their hooded eyes, and for us with our dark skin.


The only thing I didn’t like about the book, was that there was no new information.

Buying a book written by Bobbi Brown I expected to be privy to some pearls of wisdom I’ve never heard before. Still it doesn’t hurt to have all this information in one handy book.

However I don’t recommend this book for professionals, you’ll probably not find any information you don’t already know in it. But if you are still figuring out this makeup game like me, you should definitely get this book.

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