Bridal inspiration: 4 ways to get your future hubby more involved in Wedding Planning

It’s something a lot of soon-to-be brides hear when they try to get their future husband to make a decision during the wedding planning phase. It’s true that the guys don’t typically care much about whether you carry peonies or lilies, but it can be frustrating for the bride who wants her future husband’s input.
Here are some tips that will help get your future hubby more involved!

1. Tell Him How Important It Is

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes you just have to spell it out. Let your future husband know that it is very important to you that the wedding is a combination of both of your ideas and likes. Ask what he would be willing to make decisions on, and create a list of those things. That way, when it comes time to make a decision, you can turn to him.


4 Genius Tips to Get Your Future Hubby More Involved in Wedding Planning

2. Offer Choices

Sometimes guys are clueless about certain aspects of a wedding. Just ask your future husband what style veil you should wear and you’ll quickly see that look of hopeless questioning. Rather than asking open ended questions like, “what kind of filling do you want for the cake,” offer him a few options. For instance, “Would you rather go with a strawberry, chocolate or custard filling for the cake?” It may be a little easier to get him to make a decision because he has definite options to choose from.

4 Genius Tips to Get Your Future Hubby More Involved in Wedding Planning

3. Scare Him Into It

This is a hilarious little trick that might just get your future hubby moving with the wedding plans. So you can’t get him to choose a color for the vests or ties? Show him a picture of the bowtie you’ve chosen, and make sure it’s something he would find absolutely horrible. When faced with the option of a pink, striped bowtie, he might just choose a sensible shade of gray. The point is, you’ll get him to choose.

4. Show Him Examples

Men are often very visual creatures. It can be more difficult for them to visualize how things may look without seeing it. If you’re having a difficult time getting your husband to make a decision for something specific, show him examples of how each option looks. This can help him determine which is more to his liking and can keep you from getting totally frustrated at him!

Using these tips for getting your hubby to help with the wedding planning can make things much easier for you and can ensure that your special day is a culmination of input from both of you!


Source: Real African Weddings

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