7 reasons we should all be men

This post has nothing to do with transsexuals or becoming one, but on some days us ladies need to take a break from “womaning”and just be men.

On those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and just don’t feel like dealing with whatever issues you need to deal with as a woman, just simply be a man. It’s pretty straight forward too, just follow these steps.

  1. Spend a maximum of 5 minutes in the shower.
    Don’t exfoliate or use your four tubes of face wash. Literally just hop in and hop out.
  2. Wear the first thing you see when you open your wardrobe.
    Don’t even think twice about it, just pick it out. Even if it’s probably the same thing you wore yesterday.
  3. Skip the face beat
    Think about how much more time you’ll have to seep in before work, if you didn’t have to get any makeup done. Do it just this once, the world won’t end.
  4. Spend a maximum of two minutes on your hair.
    No rolling or straightening or fussing over it just run a comb through it and you are good to go. In fact if you are not going to work just scrunch it up under a baseball cap.
  5. Reply all your texts with mono syllables.
    Try this once, and you’ll understand why men do it all the time.
  6. Don’t shave your legs or pits.
    Don’t worry, these are why pants, jeans and long sleeved clothes are made. Shaving is hard work, and you deserve a break some times.
  7. Go shopping and buy only what you need.
    It might sound odd, but grocery shopping doesn’t have to take you three hours. You already know what you need, go in get it and leave.
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