Bridal inspiration: A romantic beach wedding in Jamaica

Sheneal and Jerry had been in each other’s company many times but had never formally met. They were just two teenagers running in the same circles but fate had plans for them. A few years later they were introduced by a mutual friend and eventually Jerry received Sheneal’s phone number. They would talk for hours, creating the love story we’re telling today.

About two years ago the pair got engaged. Fast forward to December 2015, they got married in a romantic beach wedding in Jamaica.




Tell us all about the proposal!
I didn’t want to let her down this time so the first thing I did was ask for her parents blessings. Thankful to God, they approved. I knew I wanted to do something BIG this time around for the proposal. After looking up some parks, I decided to go with Love Park in Philadelphia. It was the best spot for what I had in mind. About a week before the proposal I called her best friend and asked her to make a good excuse for Sheneal to go to Philadelphia and get dressed up. Two days before the proposal, I ordered one hundred white and red roses at a flower shop. I also ordered a custom banner at Staples that said, “Sheneal, Will You Marry Me?” with our picture on it. The Sunday that I planned to propose finally came. I had our friends and family hold the banner while I went to go get her. As I was walking toward her and her friend with the roses in my hand, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I kept asking myself, what if she says no? I came to a cross light and I saw her on the other end of the road. There she was, smiling. She didn’t know I would be in Philly that day. (even though I still think she had an idea). I walked up to her and handed her the roses. She looked at me with this hilarious facial expression. I kissed her and grabbed her hand. I told her this is the first surprise but we have two more. We walked towards Love Park and she saw her family and friends holding the banner. Half of the city was staring at us and they were all crowded around us yelling and clapping. I got down on my knee, and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Afterwards, I took her to this restaurant that she had been bugging me to go to. It was a restaurant called R2L that overlooks the city. It was a cool place to celebrate. That day, was the start of forever. I thought, wow I finally get to marry the girl of my dreams.














WPAJ_-178 beach wedding


WPAJ_-258 beach wedding


WPAJ_-288 beach wedding

WPAJ_-263 beach wedding

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