Calabar bride marries Yoruba groom: Colorful Photos from Ubong & Layi’s Traditional Wedding

Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily030There’s something so vibrant and rich about cross cultural weddings that just puts a smile on our faces!

Ubong from South-South part of Nigeria got hitched to her beau Layi from the South-West part of Nigeria in a colourful and radiant traditional wedding ceremony recently.

The Calabar bride and her Yoruba groom both rocked outfits from each other’s tribes and they looked radiant in them.

We are so glad to share their wedding photos captured by Udimee Photography.

Their Prewedding Photos Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily040 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily041 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily042 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily043 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily044 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily045 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily046 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily047 Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily050

The Traditional Wedding
Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily003Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily004Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily005Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily008Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily009Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily010Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily013Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily014Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily016Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily017Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily022Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily023Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily028Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily029Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily033Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily034Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily031Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily030Ubong weds Layi WEDDaily032_MG_0967 _MG_0995 Photography: Udimee Photography @udimee
Additional Photos: Image Faculty ~ @imagefaculty

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