Could you pull a Kim Kardashian and go completely hairless?

While shaving my legs in the shower today, I started to think about how I had tired of having to shave and wax and tweeze various parts of my body. I was about ready to never have to see another shaving stick in my life again. I am from Delta state so of course I have more hair on my body than I could possibly need. Plus I have been through way too many scarring hair removal experiences to last a life time (like here).

These days there are permanent solutions to this problem, and it is actually possible for you to go the rest of your life without a single strand of hair on your legs, in your pits, or down below.

But thinking deeply on it, I wondered if I could ever go through with it. It just doesn’t seem natural you know, not having hair on about 50% of my body, and isn’t there a reason the hair keeps growing? Would it be advisable to stop it permanently?

There doesn’t seem to be any life altering reason for hair to keep growing in those parts of our bodies and research hasn’t showed any serious side effects to permanently getting rid of hair. (Kim Kardashian seems fine doesn’t she?)The laser process used to remove the hairs has been proven to be relatively safe, albeit expensive.

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The big question now is would you do it? Could you pull a Kim K and laser off all the hair in your body, except your brows and the hair on your head? If laser hair removal is considered unnatural, shouldn’t shaving or waxing be seen the same way? As for me, I can’t quite bring myself to try it out yet. Though I may whine about it, I quite enjoy the process of grooming myself in those parts a little too much to commit to such a drastic measure.

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