Can’t stand coffee? Here are 3 reasons you need it for your hair

Coffee consumption is predominantly low in Nigeria as people around here would rather opt for a cup of their favourite teabag or beverage. The latter usually wins; it’s a large mug of Milo or Bournvita heavily laced with milk for most.

According to, “a high rate of returnee Nigerians (who we’d rather refer to as IJGBs) and growing westernisation” have contributed to the steady growth of coffee consumption in Nigeria.

So we’ll assume you’re traditionally Nigerian and can’t stomach a cup of coffee… and maybe you don’t have to. But you have a head full of beautiful hair that needs tending to and you’ve been told that natural products are best for hair care, well it turns out you’ve been hanging around good company.

One of the tested and proven natural products that is beneficial to hair is coffee because of its caffeine content so if you can’t ingest it, you can literally dip your hair in it and here are three reasons why:

  • The caffeine in coffee will stimulate your hair follicle when you apply it to your scalp and help curb hair loss and thinning.
  • Rinsing your hair with coffee exfoliates your scalp and aids growth.
  • You can achieve darker hair and natural highlights with a coffee rinse. If you have grey streaks and are looking to cover it up, coffee can help you get there gradually.

Get that coffee in your hair and show us the results!


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