Cancer, HIV and 4 other problems coconut oil cannot solve

Here is a little fun fact. As miraculous as coconut oil is, there are actually a few problems in the world it cannot solve.

It cannot stop your boyfriend from leaving you (except you drown him in it), it cannot cure cancer even though some natural hair bloggers will swear it can. It is not going to give you eternal life either. As miracle working as coconut oil might be (which it honestly is), we found a couple of other problems it can’t solve.


Soaking your hair in coconut oil every day, can actually cause your face to breakout. I have a friend who recently did the big chop and was immersing her hair in gallons of coconut oil per day. Soon her usually flawless face, begun to break out especially over her forehead. It turned out that all the excess oil from her hair which kept running unto her face caused her pores to clog up. This doesn’t change the fact that coconut oil is great for our hair, but you don’t have to drown your hair in it.

Being broke

Well, except you are selling it. Pure coconut oil is hard to find in Lagos. And when you find a reliable dealer they want an arm and two legs for it (well not more than you spend on food to be honest). But the truth is that the good stuff just doesn’t come cheap, especially when you compare it to how many bottles you need in a month.

Hair Growth

Although coconut oil is great for the hair, a lot of people don’t know how it really works. Coconut oil cannot grow your hair. It is impossible for anything to increase the speed at which your hair will grow. (Side eye to those hair infinity pills). What coconut oil does for your hair is to basically condition it, preventing breakage and hair loss.

Weight loss

Some people believe that consuming coconut oil might help with weight loss. I’m not sure why this has become popular, seeing as coconut oil is high in calories and saturated fat. My friend who has decided to embark on this coconut oil diet, made me read through a couple of dubious looking research papers that proved this. However I haven’t met anyone yet who has lost a couple of pounds because of coconut oil.

Have you?

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