Skirt or Culottes? | Priyanka Chopra’s streetwear outfit has the internet very confused

Hollywood star, Priyanka Chopra has left the internet confused for days after she shared a photo of herself taking a stroll on the street of New York wearing a denim bottom that style pundits can hardly place.

The former Miss World who also gets busy training to be a FBI agent on television show, Quantico has made indelible style marks with her ability to show up in unexpected pieces.

This time though, Chopra not only pulled off an unexpected look but leaves us with questions that run along the line of: “is it a skirt?”, “is it a pair of trousers?”, “is it culottes?” etc.

The 2-in-1 distressed denim piece could easily pass off as culottes, but also comes across as a skirt attached to a baggy pair of jeans. Whew! Priyanka Chopra may have just introduced a new street wear trend that is likely to catch fire in 2018, or not.

What names would you suggest for this piece?


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