Would you get permanent makeup done?

Permanent makeup is a beauty trend that is not new to us. From getting our eyebrows permanently filled in, to getting our lips tattooed in a color we love, and even getting faux beauty marks just above our upper lip, we Nigerians have been experimenting with the art of permanent makeup for years.

The trend involves everything from getting your eyebrows to your eyeliner, lip liner and lip colour done permanently. Now in 2016, the results are not as ghastly as they used to be, and the process much more safer. Although getting permanent makeup can essentially be described as tattooing, advanced methods like, microblading for your eyebrows make the results downright enviable.

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The appeal of permanent makeup for some people is undeniable. The thought of waking up in the morning, and skipping about 60 percent -100 for some people- of the face beat process, or going to the gym with makeup on, and walking back out with it even though you just finished sweating buckets is tempting.

But would you do it? This doesn’t mean permanent makeup is not without its side effects. There have been cases of  terrible allergic reactions to the products used and infections when not properly done.


For whatever reason it might be, maybe you love how you look with make up on, but hate the process of actually putting it on, or you have gone through a medical process that has affected how you look, like maybe chemotherapy which made you lose your eyebrows, let us know if and why you could get permanent makeup done in the comments section below.

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