Every bride should play this GAME at her bridal shower

How well do you think you know your man?

We have got a new game for you!

During her bridal shower which held a few weeks back, Lanre Adesoye (our bride who had a Nikhai and Church wedding)  underwent a test.

For the test which was organised by the theweddingtv, she was blindfolded and asked to choose her husband by touching the face and head of the guys at the shower.

lanre one

Luckily for Lanre, she passed!

She knew her bobo’s head well.

Nah, not my man
Come here, let’s feel who you are
Still not my man
Er, looking like it
……I am familiar with this


And I found him

We posted the video on our instagram page hours ago and it sparked quite a reaction.

Some opined that the game was a risky one “What if she chose someone else” while some others decided to go and study and learn the shape of their bobo’s head well so as to pass it during their bridal showers too.

lanre 3

Well, we say it is cute and should be practiced at all bridal showers.


Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

  1. Ere egele – dangerous game.

    Identifying the dude’s head doesn’t really reflect how much she knows her husband

  2. Lol, interesting game no doubt but this seemingly harmless game could cause strains in their marriage. Especially if the couple are ‘immature’.

  3. Nice game, if you do not know the shape of your man’s head, face and smell, then you are not there yet… postpone the wedding!

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