Everyone is talking about the squiggle eyebrows | 4 reasons you should not jump on this trend

Makeup and beauty trends are daily evolving and because they are a form of art, they afford the liberty to be creative but when people go as far as drawing wavy eyebrows, then we’re left with no choice but to raise our ‘eyebrow’. Literally!

If you haven’t seen or heard of the squiggle eyebrows at this time, then you have been living beneath a rock, for certain. It’s hard to describe it as a trend as it has yet to go viral in actual makeup studios and we doubt it will.

So here’s how to think of it: you take a wiggly squiggly worm and stick it above your eyes on the spot where your eyebrows stand and voila, you’re in.

Image result for wiggly squiggly

Here’s the real life result you get:

Beauty blogger, Promise Tamang was one of the first to try it on, although a few others had gotten it done earlier, but with Photoshop. However they got it done, we implore you not to get yourself in this mess and here are four solid reasons why:

  1. It has come NOT to stay: Sometime in April 2017, Instagram went crazy for the feather eyebrow trend – the one where you part your eyebrows horizontally and lay it apart with vaseline or glue.It’s been only four months and it’s already gone with the wind.
  2. Squiggle eyebrows are NOT wearable outside Instagram: You don’t really want to step out on the streets having two tiny snakes hanging from your face, do you?
  3. It’s NOT cute: Let’s be frank, it’s not all that pretty or anything. Without mincing words, bizarre is what best describes it. Better to just stay away.
  4. There’s the squiggly lips too: Are you really sure you want to do this? Wavy eyes and wavy lips? 

Ultimately, we have to appreciate these beauty bloggers who are taking time to master the art. We just don’t think this should catch on in these parts

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