Fake it till you make it: 8 cheap beauty hacks you wish you knew sooner

Not every time spend half of your monthly pay check restocking  your beauty products, instead check out these beauty hacks I bet you wish you knew last year. Imagine how much money you’ll have saved.

That’s more money for alcohol


  1. If you are running out of mascara, sit on it (or stick down your bra if you have D cups) while you are getting the rest of your makeup done. This warms it up, allowing you get the most out of the tube.
  2. If you’ve run out of eyeliner but still have some mascara, dip your eyeliner brush into your mascara tube and it’ll do. If you run out of mascara too, mix up a little of your black eye-shadow (if you even have that, seeing as you don’t have eye liner and mascara) with Vaseline and use your eye liner brush or any fine tipped brush to apply it just like your regular eye liner .
  3. Put in any saline solution (like regular eye drops or your contact solution,) into your mascara tube that has dried out and you can get a couple more uses out of it.
  4. Heat up your regular eyeliner with a lighter, and it looks like you used a gel liner.
  5. Cut open the bottom of your foundation and concealer tubes to get the most out of them. Don’t be shy about it, nobody has to know.
  6. After putting on your lipstick lay a tissue across your lips and dust white powder (normal tony Montana kind) across it. This helps your lipstick stay on longer, so that you are not constantly reapplying lipstick all day.
    Yup, this one
  7. Mix eye shadow and Vaseline for your own DIY lip-gloss. This might seem like the height of the struggle, but just think about the endless colour possibilities.
  8. Use your pink lipstick (not the neon pink one)as blush. Use it sparingly though, if not you’ll end up looking like a clown. You could also use pink eye-shadow but make sure, the shade suits your complexion.

So that’s all I could come up with, if you have any more useful tips we missed, please drop it in the comment box (help a sister out).





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