Victoria can keep her secret, we want Aimanosi’s

So I went on and on about the importance of having sexy lingerie here. But sexy lingerie is expensive and a lot of people aren’t just ready to dole out that amount of cash on ordinary bra and pant. Anyway since that post I have been on the hunt for homemade lingerie lines and just when I thought I was on a lost cause, I found Aimanosi.

I was beyond excited because not only is their lingerie uber sexy, its affordable too. So bye bye Victoria’s Secret. Hello Aimanosi.

Aimanosi is an affordable luxury lingerie line, straight out of Nigeria launched in 2015 by Emalohi Irube . One of their goals is to make lingerie so gorgeous that everyday is special because indeed everyday should be seductive. Although their pricing is done in dollars, (because international brand) using our current conversion rates their price range is between three to ten thousand Naira, which compared to how much you where spending on lingerie before is really not so bad.

You can shop for their pieces here. And follow them on Instagram here.

These are some of my favourite pieces from the line and the brand just made it on our year’s wishlist.





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