Fashion Fighters: The One-Legged Awe-Inspiring Model, Caxmee

She’s a little hard to put into words. One minute, they’re swarming all over  your head ad the very next? You’re completely lost for words — absolutely speechless. That’s exactly the effect Caxmee (pronounced and her blogger alter ego Mama Cax have on you.

After being served a 3-week ultimatum to live at the age of 14, she defied bone & lung cancer to extend her life by 12 more years and is still counting! This she has done while globe-trotting, living the foodie life to the fullest and for lack of a better word, slaying, while she’s at it.

But every good thing comes with a price, a little over a decade ago, she had her leg amputated, a worthy sacrifice made to be free of cancer’s deathly clutches. And she’s ever looked back ever since.

With the bad comes the good though as is clearly evident with Caxmee. She’s an Alleles ambassador, a proffesional model in her own right with a slew of work

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