Fashion: The perks of being a wallflower

Botanical prints, florals and bright colours always add a special twist to a minimal look.

by Rachel Ogbu

From bright jacquard silks and splashy blown-up proportions, florals loom large this season but if you are not feeling the girlie vibes there is also the dark bewitching blooms every tomboy can get into. 

We really need florals this season for that uplifting, colourful, joyous vibe missing in the political and economic sphere around us.

Maybe we have the royal wedding to thank for this, but right now, botanical prints by every fashion brand are everywhere, many have matching co-ords or deconstructed hemlines but the dilemma remains in how to make them feel fresh now.

Stylists have suggested that a patchwork floral combo is a way to wear this trend this season. Think about how some mums back in the day who didn’t want to waste the remaining ankara fabric from an outfit joins pieces to make another outfit for you in a ‘Make Do and Mend’ type of way.

Today, a fashion genius knows how well to boldly mix two floral prints in one outfit and they do it just enough that it’s not overpowering mixing dark floral with bright floral.

The rest of us subtle fashionistas will go tonal with the trend and wear with a khaki or camel colour base. 

It’s also endearing to see the mixture of two trends like when the bloggers mix floral and polka dots, isn’t that just divine?

For a  wearable #realstyle inspiration, we head to the street style scene rather than the catwalk and discover ten ways to energise florals immediately.



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