First photos from Uju and Obinna’s Stunning White Wedding | Diko Photography

We have got some first photos from Uju and Obinna’s stunning white wedding as shared by Diko, enjoy!
uju-and-obinna uju-and-obinna-1uju-and-obinna-2 uju-and-obinna-3 uju-and-obinna-4 uju-and-obinna-5 uju-and-obinna-6 uju-and-obinna-7 uju-and-obinna-8 uju-and-obinna-9 uju-and-obinna-10 uju-and-obinna-11 uju-and-obinna-12 uju-and-obinna-13 uju-and-obinna-14 uju-and-obinna-15 uju-and-obinna-16 uju-and-obinna-17 uju-and-obinna-18 uju-and-obinna-19 uju-and-obinna-20 uju-and-obinna-21 uju-and-obinna-22 uju-and-obinna-23 uju-and-obinna-24

Couple @tranons and Obinna
Photography @dikophotography
Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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