Flowers & Colours: How to rock your ideal bridal bouquet

bridal bouquetThe bride’s bouquet is the most significant of all flower arrangements on your wedding day. A bride could achieve vastly different looks, depending on your gown, ceremony decor and reception locations, body shape and season. So it’s worth investing the time to find what suits your personality, hence the event. 

Before going all out to make a choice, you might want to bear in mind, the following factors;


Matching Your Bouquet With Your Dress

The main factor to remember here is to have your flowers complement your gown, not compete with them. So, if you have a particularly intricate gown, you’ll probably need some understated flowers. Similarly, a clean looking gown will probably leave room for an ornate, bedazzled and bejewelled confection to balance the look out. Bring as many pieces of your wedding planning photos to your florist – such as those of the reception venue decor and gown, a swatch of the material, and your accessories – to give them an idea of what will look best.

Adesuwa-weds-Sam-WEDDaily032Experiment with Shape

Bouquets come in a variety of shapes, each with their own look, and pros and cons. The shape of the bouquet can have a huge influence on how the arrangement looks, so take the opportunity to play around with different looks until you’ve found the perfect fit. Here are some examples;

  • Round bouquets are an extremely popular choice for brides. The size is adjustable, so it suits a number of dress styles. It is usually used for large flowers like roses, peonies, or carnations, and is loosely arranged and tied with a ribbon.
  • Cascading bouquets are well suited to romantic dresses. Keep in mind though that they are rather big, so they’re generally suited to larger dresses. The flowers are usually wired to a handle to keep them in place. This is also the most traditional and formal of all bouquet styles.
  • Tied bouquets have a less definite shape, and are tied with ribbon or wire. This style is best suited to modern, simple dress codes.
  • A posy bouquet is the smallest, most minimal approach to the bouquet. Small or big flowers work beautifully, and therefore it is well suited to numerous types of dresses.
  • A pomander bouquet usually consists of just flowers and can be suspended on a ribbon for the bride to hang on her wrist.
  • Alternatively, you can have a simple, streamlined bouquet that forms a line of flowers rather than a collected bunch. This also makes a great choice for a slim fitting gown.


Bling & Crystals

An additional option to further personalize your bouquet is to include some more glamorous elements. You can either include these elements in the bouquet itself, or use some to tie the stems together. Some options include:

  • Pearls and crystals can easily be added for a sense of glamour and luxury
  • Faux butterflies add an element of romance and whimsy
  • Feathers, lace, or even leather can be added to signify a touch of bordello fun
  • And lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative with your ribbon! Whilst satin ribbon adds a rich, luxurious look, for a delicate touch sheer organza ribbon can be used to create ribbon bows and long streamers.

Ezinne-Ogechukwu-WEDDaily004Keeping Memories

If you’d like to keep your flowers as a significant token of your wedding day, you absolutely can. While you could get a spare which could be used during the ritual of throwing the bouquet, you could also simply hand the bouquet upside down in a dry spot where it won’t be disturbed. This process generally takes several weeks to complete. For more specific recommendations, you should consult your florist.

Photo Credit: Gazmadu, Team M Touch Photography, Lemmy Vedutti Photography, George Okoro Photography.

culled from Wed Daily.

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