Glo Up Monday: Mo’Cheddah please what are you eating?

I get so excited whenever I see people whose personal styles have not only evolved over the years but flourished, leaving the rest of us green with envy and waiting our turns (God please pick up).

Mo’Cheddah is one person whose style has indeed blossomed and we are here for it. I’m not the first person to notice Mo’Cheddah’s glo up and a lot of blogs have been going on and on about it. And in all honestly she’s worth every bit of the attention she’s getting now.

Glo Up Challenge, anyone?
Glo Up Challenge, anyone?

One fun fact about Mo is that she is her own makeup artist and she lays the hell out of her face. Mo’Cheddah if you ever consider a career change (which is honestly not a bad idea if you think about it), you will definitely make it as a makeup artist.

Not only is Mo pretty, but she also has a stunning body that makes anything she puts on look incredible. That probably includes a sack cloth and ashes (as if we didn’t have enough reasons to hate her already).

Body goals
Body goals, if we can stop eating

In case you didn’t know, Mo Cheddah is a music artist, most popular for her hit song “Ko Ma Roll”, released in 2010. She is currently working on a ready to wear line named “Mo’Cheddah Clothing” (not at all cliché) which is due to debut in 2016, while simultaneously stealing our style hearts.

And so we ask again, Mo Cheddah, please what are you eating?

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