Grooms should stop wearing blue suits| Nigerians reveal the 20 wedding trends they don’t want to see in 2016

things left behind in 2015

Top wedding photographer, Akintayotimi recently put up a post on his instagram page, asking Nigerians to reveal the wedding trends are totally tired of and the answers that rolled in were hilarious, yet somewhat true!

We were able to gather 20 major points from the responses.

Thus, here are the trends Nigerians want Stoped, Reduced, Changed for 2016 weddings.

1. Less of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ track, for couple’s first dance and Beyonce’s ‘All the single ladies’ track for the Bouquet tossing moments.


2. Guys should stop using blue suits. 90% of the 2015 grooms wore blue suits.

Wine would actually be a delicious color of suit but not every man can pull it off. Know your body type!

3. Pink Lightning: Food blogger Dooney’s Kitchen particularly wrote “My dear event planners Pink mood lighting. It don do ooooooooo. You are giving photographers extra work because many pictures capturing important moments don’t look good. We were not created to see in pink. It yaf do” In agreement, someone else, Miss Olowu, wrote ” Pink, blue, ‘PURPLE’😰, green lights 🚥… Coloured lights generally! I don’t want to be a teletubby – tanz a lot”
pink lighning

4. MCs should stop the following: “The shoe game thing; stop the primary school songs thing and stop the ‘dance as I dance’ rubbish, the whole Indian “ne-i” drama…trying to get couples to act drama during the cutting and feeding of the cake? It’s 9 months later, she’s pregnant, she’s calling for food, put it like this……not all joes work for weddings, many of their jokes are always repeated, cliche and boring.”

5. Couples should not be sprayed when they are having their first dance…that moment is meant for just the two of them with no intrusion.

6. Two bridal train girls holding flowers…remain in 2015 and leave the bouquet to the bride…

7.Guests using iphones/camera to block the official photographer… Pls remain in 2015

8. Chairman’s long speeches (aka mini sermon) pls remain in 2015. Honestly what’s d duty of a wedding chairman.. I thought wedding counselling classes already took care of the long speech he is to deliver?

9. Bridal train robes (with inscriptions at the back) should remain in 2015…Matching socks 👎customized robes/attires with details of the couple appearing boldly pls don’t go into 2016. The robes/attires ain’t free 😁😁

#WeddingInNigeria Friendship Goals 😍 So much fun Photo @milanesphotography #bridalparty

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10. Wedding Hashtags: And please darling future couples for 2016, ‘hashtags’ for your wedding isn’t mandatory. Don’t create hashtags and then we find just four pictures and one video that your cousin luckily made, when we check it up on IG’s search engine. #Issnorbyforce 😞😔😏😒 Leave the hashtag thing for the celebrity weddings.

11. Bouquet tossing should be stopped: Personally I think the bouquet toss should be scrapped. I find it totally unnecessary for a bride to have her single friends dragged out by the MC, just to have them scramble for flowers, in high heels no less😧… If I ever get married, I ain’t tossing nothing! I’ll keep my bouquet and use it to make potpourri for my bathroom😊… Catching a bouquet doesn’t guarantee finding a guy😑 #SayNoToPointlessWeddingTraditions

12. The session where the Cake Baker gives her speech should be scrapped: Like anyone really cares what the cake is made of.

13. Prewedding pictures/video craze: Pre wedding pictures craze *sigh*……All of ‘you’ photogs will still disturb us to do it and All of ‘us’ 2016 brides will still do it. Sigh!

14. Brides, stop getting late to church cos of pictures and make up craze. Bad habit.

15. At Yoruba weddings,the “alaga duro’s nd alaga ijoko’s” should pls stop with the excessive money drama…..biko leave it in 2015😀

16. Wedding guests dressing better than the bride.

Still Obsessing Over my outfit from Yesterday 😍

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17.To be candid, ladies need to drop this makeup and gele craze in 2015.. Wat happened to DIY, evryone wants to be on bellanaija.. Biko it has to stop abeg cos some pple will go borrow just to be too fine for another person’s wedding.

18. That habit of ‘some Aunties’ serving only their friends and family members and neglecting the friends of the couple should not continue in 2016.

19. Second dress, third dress, fourth dress. Also, 2016 brides, don’t let peer pressure force you to do extreme prewedding shoots, or wear 2nd dresses. Most of y’all don’t understand that concept anyway.

20. Photographers and the “shoe, watch,” pictures. Like yesss , WE GET IT. They are wearing Loubs, Cartier. Stop it in 2016.

What other trends are you tired of seeing?

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