Here are 5 reasons for you to buy a fascinator

Fascinators are our new favourite accessory for the stylish wedding guest, and while we could go on and on about just how much we love them, a lot of people are not sold on the idea of wearing fascinators anywhere at all. For some people it feels a tad more costume-ish and stylish, some just don’t like the idea of having to wear any kind of hat, while others think they can’t pull of the look. If you fall under any of these three categories, here are 5 reasons to buy a fascinator already.

  1. You get to pretend to be royalty for a day. There is something absolutely regal about fascinators, and they are the perfect accessory to let you play princess.
  2. They can save you from a bad hair day. Scarves and turbans are usually our top choice to save us from bad hair days, but they can kill an otherwise dressy outfit if you hadn’t planned to add a scarf or turban to the outfit, especially one for an occasion like a wedding.
  3. They make an outfit way more interesting than usual. Accessorizing that plain little black dress you usually wear to the office, might be all you need to vamp it up for a wedding.
  4. They come in a ton of styles and sizes to suit your taste, whether it’s casual, artsy or girly there are fascinators that go perfectly with your personal style.
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