He broke up with me the night he proposed! Frances & Desmond’s fascinating love story/wedding photos

When faith meets destiny, history is made. This simplifies the love story of Frances and Desmond.

As narrated by the bride

Fourteen years ago when we first met, I had no idea where the road was taking me but was soon to find out. According to my husband, he first saw me on campus when I was a Jambite and tried to talk to me but I bluntly said “Sorry I don’t talk to strangers”.

Our paths crossed again in my final year in UNIBEN, a memorable night when I hung out with him, his twin brother and his friends. I was actually invited to complete the guys to girls pairing as he was the only one without a date but not knowing I was actually going to be meeting my husband. There was a striking chemistry between us but it seemed like a love tale that ended that night.

After I graduated from school in 2005, I moved to Lagos and Desmond completed Med School the following year. We kept in touch through text messaging and infrequent phone calls. Coincidentally, I saw him again in Lagos towards the end of 2006 as I happened to be serving on the same road where he did his houseman ship. Even after the long gap, it was still hard for him to come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t work things out. Thereafter, we lost contact again as he relocated to the states.

Fast forward to December 2013, I received an extraordinary surprise message from Desmond on Facebook. He didn’t say much but from the way he constructed his words, I couldn’t help but conclude that the guy was still in love with me. My warm response to him triggered a series of messaging that ended up in a phone call.

We tried to manage a long distance relationship for about 10 months and I was finally able to convince him to visit Nigeria. We had not seen in 8 years so I was excited but anxious even though we had been communicating a lot on phone (no Skype or video calls). When he visited, he surprisingly introduced me to all his family (from mum, dad to his siblings). I was not expecting that all but it showed me how far he was willing to take the relationship. His visit was really short (5 days) but it was one of the best 5 days of my life. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.


February 2014, he was on call the night before so he came back home early in the morning bearing gifts. We went for dinner later in the evening and then hung out at a bar where we had an argument. (Desmond can be very inquisitive and can ask questions that will frustrate Mother Theresa. LOL) so he had frustrated me with his questions, I snapped and he told me “you know what I don’t think we can work.”  My plan was to leave the next day and stay with my friend until I returned back to Nigeria’


So we got back home after he “spoilt’ our valentine outing. I was lying down in the sitting room and he came to kneel close to me and started apologizing and asking me more questions! (Imagine my frustration). Before I knew what was happening Desmond had pulled out a ring box and asking me to be his wife. I started laughing hard and asking him questions too “where did you put the ring?”  “who knows you are proposing?” I was shocked but of course I said YES!!! to the love of my life. The rest is history.


Wedding photos

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