Here’s how to cope with bangs in the heat

Bangs are easily a favourite hairstyle for many women, especially those who are endowed with a little extra forehead than most people. The major problem with bangs, is that since the weather is usually so hot here, half of the time your bangs will only be wet matted hair on your forehead, which is not an attractive look (trust us).

If you one of those people who could get bangs done all year long, then you’ve caught a lucky break with the rainy season. The weather is cooler, and the sun isn’t as punishing as it usually is. But we all know this is only going to last another couple of weeks, and the sun is only going to come back even hotter than usual. In preparation for that, here’s how to cope with bangs in the heat.

The first problem is how messy it gets after it’s soaked up all of your sweat. The bad news is that you can’t do anything short of sweeping the bangs out of your face, which kind of kills the whole purpose of getting them in the first place. But to avoid them becoming a greasy oily mess in a week, your hairdryer should be your best friend. Blow drying them, not only helps keep them in shape but also helps you avoid that greasy look you get when sweat and oils dry naturally on your hair.

Get a straightener, if you don’t already have one. The humidity is bound to make the ends of your bangs frizzy and you’ll need to straighten them out frequently if you don’t want them to end up looking like this.

Instruct your hairstylist to use only two or three lines of your weave for the bangs, for a lighter airier look, this will also make your forehead less sweaty. If all else fails, maybe try a cropped pixie cut instead?


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