5 ways you’ve been ruining your curly weaves

Curly weaves require special care. They require more attention than you’ll show your straight or wavy weaves. Improper ruins curly weaves rather easily, and while we are usually quick to run to the sellers and accuse them of fraud, most times ninety percent of the fault is on us. However if your seller gives you instructions about not using a comb or brush or even touching the curls of the weave at all, then flee, it’s probably synthetic.

  1. Care for your curly weave the same way you’ll care for your natural hair. Take your time to detangle and condition it. When conditioning, concentrate on the ends, since it iss curly when conditioner is put at the top, it is difficult for it to reach the ends.
  2. After getting your weave installed, detangle as often as possible, even more often than you would with your natural hair. When you don’t do this knots begin to form at the wefts. Letting those knots grow larger and trying to detangle after taking out the weave, will make it shed up to three times more than usual.
  3. Even though you’ve been advised earlier to flee from sellers who tell you not to touch your curly weaves, over handling could also ruin it. Unlike with your regular weaves, you shouldn’t be running a comb or brush through them three times a week.
  4. If you already have a curly weave installed, put it into four fat plaits before sleeping to avoid tangling.
  5. Don’t over condition in a bid to keep it moisturized, instead get a spray bottle, fill it with water and add a few drops of any essential oil you like, emphasis on drops. Over conditioning makes the weave get dirty quickly and gives it a limp and lifeless look.
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