Victory, hope and happily ever after! Moyo and Jaman’s wedding story…


Moyo and Jaman

Another awesome Monday is here and we have got an inspiring and thought provoking love story for you!

Newly wed couple,  Pastor Jaman and Moyo (C.E.O of House of Emwai, an event planning firm) exchanged the marital vows a few weeks ago in Ibadan in the presence of family, friends and loved ones.

Their love story of Victory will not only restore your hope in God but open your eyes into not looking down on any one.

How they met: 

They went to the same University and belonged to the same fellowship but they never spoke. He was in his final year while she was a fresher.

“He was our vice president and a zonal pastor and he graduated when i was in 200 level

The Prince and his heart beat

But before he graduated, Moyo had a divine encounter with him. He was one of the chapel officials that ministered unto her when she got her holy ghost baptism and after then, whenever their paths crossed, it was a ‘hi, hello” greeting that ensued between.

“I did not see him again until I graduated, he was invited to minister in one of our programmes, there and then we exchanged bbm pins and we got talking.”

They became friends, but they didn’t ever think they will end up falling in love because they were entirely opposite in everything.

It was just a Pastor and his Disciple relationship.  He always looked at me like a childish, none spiritual and un-serious young woman while I saw him as an introvert and too spiritual somebody. I on the other-hand loved going out due to my event planning business, plus I was and am still very sociable.”

But in 2015, the friendship began to grow deep, and deeper and emotions and feelings began to crawl in.

“I fought it at first because I have vowed to never marry a Pastor, cos I was of the opinion that they are not romantic, but at a point i couldn’t resist it anymore. Our closeness made me realize that underneath his Pastor title is a caring, romantic and responsible young Man. He would make me laugh, and he was always there for me. His visions made me even fall more in love with him. He used to work with Gulf oil and gas but God called him and he humbly answered God’s call to become a full time Pastor earning a meagre salary, how many young men can do this? He is cute and calm. We both would never have wanted to marry the personality we carry, my main lesson for the world is just that, never judge anyone from afar, he or she might become your partner for life”

Although he didn’t voice up to tell Moyo that he was in love with her, the sparks between them was enough evidence that they were meant to be….and one fateful day, just before Moyo’s birthday in October, 2015, he made his intention clear.

She was having her NYSC in Port Harcourt when he placed a call through to her.

“He called me on phone and was perambulating all about. He then asked if i love him and how I will feel if he asked me to marry him. I laughed, and i gave him a positive answer of course. He did not do any big proposal because he doesn’t believe in all this feferity. I sill always tease him about it though, lol. Anyways, he came to meet my parents, our parents got involved, my mum has been praying for me unknowingly for the kind of man that he is,  she prayed more and pastors confirmed us authentic…then a family introduction happened and we began to make plans for our wedding.”


I can boldly say to anyone, even if the devil himself comes down from hell where he belongs to hurt or harm you, retaliate by rejoicing, dancing and smiling always, that alone is enough to hurt the devil. I never knew I could  laugh, play and dance so hard during my wedding, but God gave me the strength to carry through, and i had supportive friends, they all made me laugh.

Revelations came from here and there, lots of dreams trying to scare us from getting married but we spat on the devil’s face and told him to do his worst after we prayed and fasted.

And that’s how a gas accident happened exactly a week to our day.  l joined them in the making of the wedding cake. I was happy and excited. When it was time to bake, I tried putting on the gas only to hear explosive sound. I could not explain what happened  next, but to see myself covered up with burns all over me-arms, legs and body. It’s our kitchen gas. I was not a stranger to it. I do cakes for people. So we all wondered what could have happened. the gas spurred all over my face, it was my elder sister that used her hand to stop the fire from burning my hair, God preserved my face, no burn, just my both hands, knees and the other leg.The healing was progressive. People rallied round me.The affected parts of the body were covered by the wedding gown and the attire for the traditional wedding. Nobody could see my predicaments. God made everything to go well and end well beyond my imagination. “


Some claim abstinence in a relationship is not only archaic but down-right Impossible,  it is infact very possible Moyo and Jaman did it.

While dating we did not kiss or do all those smooching, God helped us. Sometimes I will lay on his laps and I will feel like kissing him but he will say “No dear, let us have our first kiss on our wedding day” and God really helped us to wait.


First of all introduction


The couple and parents


I Choose You & I Vow To Seriously Love you, In All Your Forms…. Now, always & In Our Life Time


We cut the cake


The couple and the parents

 Bridal shower:

Soon-to-wed bride, Moyo





Friends of the bride


Moyo’s hen night


As we grow up, we realize it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.


When you have got the best of friends




More games



And more games






Moyo dances out with friends
Wait a sec, need to adjust this here, and here, oh and one more just right here , yup and you are good to go….


Oh the joy of being surrounded by the best of friends
Go Moyo, Go Moyo!!!
This is how we dig it in style!


Jaman smiles with pride as Moyo dances in with her friends


Happy dancing bride



Moyo and her parents
Moyo and her mothers


Moyo and her parents again


Moyo performing the “çap rite”


Moyo dances round with joy, showing off the cap


Love sweet love!
Couple and the Ores of the  Iyawo


Bride and the Ores of the Iyawo
Prayers from parents


Together we are starting this journey and the lord will see us through


Dear lord, help our love to wax stronger and deeper and infinite


I have looked at you in a million ways and I loved you in each….


The devil did its worse but we are still smiling and standing strong


Cheers to a happily ever after


You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell….





Moyo’s friends








There are only 2 times I wanna be with you….. Now & Forever….































































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