5 ways to get rid of your Monday blues

Coming to the realization that the weekend is over and you have to face real life once again tomorrow can be a little depressing. But waking up in a crappy mood on Monday sometimes sets the tone for the whole week until it’s the weekend again. So here are some ways to make your Mondays just a little less suckish.

  1. If you have to go out on Sunday, keep your drinking limited. The only thing worse than waking up with a hangover, is waking up with one on a Monday morning. Any binge drinking parties you had planned should be done Friday/Saturday.
  2. Plan your week on Sunday. This isn’t a particularly fun thing to do on the last day of the weekend but you’ll be grateful for it through the rest of week. Knowing ahead what you need to do, even up to what you are going to eat or wear makes your week easier.
  3. Sleep early Sunday night or at least not at 4 a.m. Getting enough sleep helps you wake up refreshed and ready to face that demanding boss, or annoying co-worker.
  4. Wear your Sunday’s best on Monday. There is something about being dressed in a killer outfit that makes you feel like you are ready to take over the world.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast. You could prepare something the night before and eat before leaving for work, or even on your commute if you don’t drive yourself.
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