Why kitten heels aren’t as bad as you’ve been made to believe

For a very long time, kitten heels have been fashion’s bastard child reserved only for mums and women aged fifty and above. In fact it’s a betrayal for any true fashion lover or fashionista to be caught wearing kitten heels. How dare you own a pair of heels that don’t put you in excruciating pain, whenever you work a mile in them?

Well this season they seem to be making a come back against all odds. Since nobody seems quite ready to hop on it just yet, we decided to try and convince you guys.

We know all the arguments you have against kitten heels – “it’s as good as wearing flats”, “only your grandma should be caught wearing them”, “it does nothing for the whole outfit”, “they aren’t flattering”, and yada yada yada. But you’ve only ever focused on the supposed cons of kitten heels, which were probably started by people who have a thing against comfort and feet. What about the pros?

First of all they are arguably the most comfortable shoes you could ever know, and before you talk about how sexy can’t be comfortable, just check out this pair.

The only other pair of heels that could give you the same comfort levels are platforms which we all agree is the single worst thing to happen to fashion.

They are also super easy to walk in. You don’t have to worry about getting wobbly legs after being on your feet for a couple of hours.

They strike a perfect balance between heels and flats for days you can’t decide which to wear, or when you have an event and think flats would be too casual and your regular heels too dressy.

I can’t think of how a pair of these babies could ever be seen as unflattering.

Or how anyone could think, they don’t pull an outfit together.

So what do you guys think, do the pros outweigh the cons?

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