How to pop your blackheads right if you must

Wanting to pop a blackhead, is like having an itch you know you shouldn’t scratch, but sometimes you just cannot help yourself. While we knowing popping our blackheads is wrong and could lead to cysts and/or scarring , we’ve come up with a couple of useful tips, you should follow if you must.

  1. Take a hot shower, or stick your face over a bucket of  hot water and cover the back of your head, and the bucket with a towel -this serves as a makeshift steam treatment-. This softens your pores and makes it easier to pop the blackheads.
  2. Cover your fingers with some toilet paper or baby wipes, before using them to prevent getting then infected from the bacteria on your fingers.
  3. Don’t force it by applying too much pressure on the blackhead. Most times after the steam treatment, blackheads that are ready to be popped will be visible. Forcing out a blackhead would not only hurt you but damage the skin around the area.
  4. Believe it or not, there is a special technique to popping blackheads, and you’ve probably be doing it wrong. Use your two index fingers to gently squeeze the skin till the blackhead pops. Move your fingers back and forth in sort of a rocking motion, to gently ease the blockhead out.
  5. As soon as you are satisfied with the number of blackheads you’ve popped, clean the areas with a non-alcoholic toner. Using an alcoholic one on a regular basis, is not only unhealthy for your skin, but would make it sting like hell if you use it immediately after popping your blackheads.

While you can get away with popping your blackheads most times, never pop your pimples. That usually ends up with your face in a bigger mess than when you started off, and almost always causes scarring.


Happy popping!

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