How to shape your brows yourself if you dare

Disclaimer: this tutorial is not for the faint of heart.

The lady who I get my brows done with recently doubled her rates, because apparently the foreign exchange rates affects local services that don’t involve any form of trade too. After getting my brows done at the new rate, I did what every Nigerian does when they are unwilling to pay money for proper service, look for a cheaper (often less standard) alternative. Of course that didn’t work out and instead of going back to my regular customer with my tail  between my legs I decided to try doing it myself, and it went surprisingly well. If you are new to doing your brows yourself, these steps should help.

  1. Never use a razor, you’ll only end up shaving off parts you didn’t intend to touch. Use a pair of tweezers to remove unwanted hair, it’s a more tedious and a little painful process but it helps with precision.
  2. Both brows don’t have to be identical, they are sisters not twins. If you try to make them identical, you’ll end up taking way too much hair off your eyebrows. Having said that, even though your brows shouldn’t be twins they should at least look like they are related.
  3. Use a pencil, makeup brush or any straight edge you have handy to follow the guide below in order to determine the start point, arch, and end point of your brows.
  4. You really don’t have to take that much hair off, thin perfect eyebrows are so 2015 and full more natural looking brows are in. If you don’t have full eyebrows however, focus on getting your brows into the right shape for filling.
  5. Use a spoolie to brush your brows upward and pluck out the stray hairs that don’t fall in line, this is crucial for shaping your arch.


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