Is Dudu Osun really the greatest of all time?

My aunt came for a visit last month and happened to share a bathroom with me for the period. On her first night after taking a bath, she came too meet my mum and I in the kitchen where she asked me why I had so many face and products in the bathroom or in her words “Ki ni gbo gbo oshi ni bathroom yi”. I explained that I was acne prone so I kept trying out different combinations of products, to which she replied that I must not have tried out Dudu Osun yet and my ‘oyibo’ products were the cause of my pimples.

Now I’ve heard about the legend of Dudu Osun all my life. According to the general consensus of most people who swear by it, the soap can be used to get rid of any kind of skin problem; from eczema to stretch marks.

For the people who somehow don’t know what Dudu Osun is, it is only supposedly the greatest kind of African black soap ever made from strictly natural ingredients. It apparently contains everything from shea butter to plantain skin.

Contrary to what my aunt thinks, I have actually tried out Dudu Osun several times, and for me it was just soap. I can’t in all honesty say it made any life changing difference with my skin.

What about you guys, does anyone swear by Dudu Osun or is the greatness a myth we all grew up hearing about?

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