Is Sisiano ditching the cycle with new concept collection, the Lei Series?

Design label Sisiano is easily one of the big discoveries of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week’s British Council sponsored Fashion Focus programme. Helmed by multidisciplinary prodigy Paolo Sisiano (brother of fashion model Stefania Bassey,) Sisiano has in the four short years since it’s debut distinguished itself as the go to label for expertly draped evening and formal wear with favoring jersey and lycra over more conventional fabrics.

As the debate on whether Nigerian labels should adopt a fashion calendar that reflects the climate and needs or continue the generally adhered to international calendar grows more pressing, some designers have picked sides with the likes of Wana Sambo choosing to remove themselves from the constraints of a cycle altogether. It seems that Sisiano might be following suit. The designer just released new collections (both mens and womenswear,) without much fanfare.

The Lei Series, sees the designer step away from its long running concept series, Ms. Green (the designer’s previous collection have all revolved around a mysterious character Ms. Green, the last being the Birds at War collection)This collection which also sees Sisiano tap his first muse; multidisciplinary artist Marie.


LEI: Flower series; Marie
Shows a woman that isn’t afraid of being vulnerable yet strong at the same time.
A flower passes through different stages and is a reflection of a woman.
Each flower is unique in its beauty and that’s the story of life.
Some of our edges are unwoven, some aren’t quite in place and even some are rumpled from no steam. But its what it is…
… A flower

This collection substitutes the ease of jersey for much lighter fabrics like gauze, tulle and art silk. The label also experiments with exaggerated ruffling and stitching techniques as a way to add extra detailing to the pieces. Jersey still makes a sizeable appearance, in haltered crop blouses and a handful of skirts.

In all, this is a far easier collection integrate into a woman’s daily life, but still holds that distinctive Sisiano attention to detail and proclivity for draping. We like it.

Photo Credits; 

Photography: Jerrie Rotimi

Makeup: Stefania Bassey

Model: Marie.

Sisiano Lei 3 Lei 4 Lei 5 Lei 6 Lei 7 Lei 8 Lei 9 Lei 10 Lei 11 Lei 12 Lei 13 Lei 14 Lei 15 Lei 16 Lei 17 Lei 18 Lei 19 Lei 20 Lei

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