Urbanwear brand, Fashion Victim debuts with “Belief” presentation

Fashion enthusiast and creative director, Funmi Coker’s passion for a fashion label has led her to taking advantage of the goodwill of turning 22 on the 22nd of January; so on her birthday, she launches urban wear brand, Fashion Victim.

Driven by the motivation to bring variation to staple urban pieces, Fashion victim offers a unique perspective on fabric and cuts for urban tops, outerwear and bottoms.

The debut presentation features black and white tees emblazoned with the brand’s logo and with the slogan: “my ancestor’s wildest dream”, a snippet to what the brands aims to offer in the future.

Shot against a background of green vegetation and cut-down wood lumbers, in the academic district of Obafemi Awolowo University, the shoot features lifestyle influencer, Yemi Adebayo (Palms) of Humansofoau, stylist Seyitan Harvey alongside Funmi Coker.

Photography: @zeek_photography
Creative Direction/Styling: @thefunmicoker
MUA: @tayo.Coker
Muse: @adebayo_palms @seyitan_harvey

  1. Great moves,nice touches and fantastic ideas.
    The combo is really fascinating besides the ideas behind which is appealing.keep the sun shining!!!

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