#IWD2016: Who’s your wonder woman? We hear from 3 citizens

I think the word “wonder” is a prefix that should permanently be added to the word woman, not just on the 8th of March every year. Well I’m not the only one who thinks this. I talked to a couple of people who shared my view, and asked them who their number one wonder woman is.

  1. Chidinma, 23 years old
    I know it’s cliche and you’ve probably head this from everyone who answered this question, but my number one wonder woman is my mother. I don’t have the words to explain what a strong and wonderful person she is. She had me and my siblings pretty young, so it’s safe to say she dedicated majority of her life, -and trust me it wasn’t easy, at all!- to ensuring we excel. For that I’ll always cherish her.
  2. Chukwunonso, 26 years old
    My number one wonder woman is my aunt, my mother’s only sister. I lost both my parents to a car accident when I was 7 years old, an accident in which she also lost her husband. After the accident she took me in determined to make something of me. For a long time I was angry and depressed about losing my parents and I took it out on her in the worst ways possible. Her love and support for me was unwavering throughout, and now that I’m making good money of my own I can finally let her reap the fruits of her labour.
  3. Chidirinm, 33 years old
    I have to say my number one wonder woman is Mrs. Agunbiade, my Visual Arts teacher in secondary school. I was in JSS3 when I decided that I wanted to become an artist and not a doctor as my parents had planned. Even though I was eventually forced into the Sciences, and even went on to read Medicine in University, her support for my passion was unbelievable. My passion became her passion, she made sure I was finessing my talents on the sides, entering me into dozens of competitions and introducing me to the art world, years after I left secondary school. And now that I’ve put my medicine degree aside and focused on the arts she continues to be at my side mentoring and encouraging me.

I decided to share only my three best stories, out of dozens of beautiful ones I heard. But I still want to hear them, leave a comment below telling us who your wonder woman is.

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