Love and drama (Volume 8): This pre-wedding photo shoot will melt your heart – Nelly & Travis

Top wedding photographer, Obodo has just shared this ah-mazing pre-wedding shoot  of Nelly and Travis with us.

Their love story:

I met Nelly in the 90s we were very young, our families attend same Church, her family later relocated from Warri, we had no access to phone or mail .2011, I saw her on Facebook and sent her a friend request and she accepted. We never said a  word or chat till 2013 when I need some one to talk to and be there because I just left a messy relationship, we started charting and became friends.

I will not forget the day I was to travel from Enugu to Abuja and she told me she was traveling from Kwale to Sapele, I asked her to wait for me at Kwale, I carried her from Kwale to my family house in Warri to say hi to my mum and I dropped her off I  said to my friend that was with me in the car  what did we just do, this whole Warri and Sapele was off our route.

He looked at me and said Travis that gal is your wife believe it or not am not a prophet. In 2015 I realize she understands me better than I understood myself and she was always there for me. Then I decided its either her or no other. On July 2015 I pop out the big ques and she said yes.

Now the beautiful engagement shoot:

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Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

  1. Obodos nor go kill person. Nice photo shots, na d filling station own funny me pass o, love in petroleum #lol. U two will make a lovely couple. Happy married life

  2. Wonderful Pre-wedding shoot by Doctor of Photography, Dr. Obodos, CEO, Obodos Multimedia Limited. I wish the couples wonderful family and excellence in their Union.

  3. And to great frnd who is soon to be announced #NONSO# u will need a top photographer 4 ya wedding shoots , am alwaz here 4 u…… Tanks love

  4. My lovely sist Marlene the great mkup over Bae wen sabi her work finish, house of tara finish work 4 ya body……tnks boo

  5. And if u want to be known to the whole world all u need is find that name OBODOS the top photographer, 4 ya video coverage OBODOS…. 4 u to be among d among contact OBODOS…. All tnks to you, nt yet 19th bt am been celebrated….. GOD bless u sir OBOS

  6. My prayer is for God to bless this union, wonderful pix . Ur being celebrated now only shows what God is set to do after now cos ur story will surely be told all over the world. Remain blessed.

  7. This is lovely I want to wish by boss engineer Travis, and the only CEO and multimedia expert Obodos_multimedia…..

  8. Obodos ur photography is da bomb, wonderful location, amazing concepts, my bro I can see you have gone global….Thumbs up man, to Travis and Nelly ur marriage shall be blissful…cute couple

  9. Obodos photography, u have been our family photographer since 2013 and u’ve never disappointed, looking at ur work makes me so proud and I wish there will always be event. My boy! God will take u to places, great concept
    Travis and Nelly the world ain’t seen nothing yet, God bless ur union

  10. Travis & Nelly Dis photoshoot is amazing, Obodos ur concept is nice especially d filling station and basketball….can’t wait to see d wedding pic…congrats NELVIS, una too much
    To Obodos u are simply d best of the best, u define photography in grand style….Looking forward to seeing u take over d globe.
    Obodos photography, king of all occasions

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