Relationship Mattaz: 5 Ways to Put Your Mother-in-Law in Her Place

The proverbial “terrible” mother-in-law tends to be foremost in the minds of those entering the institution called marriage.
The topic 5 ways to put your mother-in-law in her place comes from an understanding that no matter what happens this relationship is one of great import.


  1. Understand your joy is seemingly her pain. Be sympathetic with your mother-in-law as she has a lot of feelings going on all at once. She is just coming to grips with the fact that her baby girl or boy is now going to be making their own babies. It brings about the realization that she is getting old, and any control she had is now going to wane drastically. Empathize with her!


  1. Never bring your mother in law’s character to question.No matter what disagreements you both have, keep them to issues and not your mother-in-law’s character. Many times wives get into real cat fights with their mothers-in-law and a lot is said that cannot be taken back. As much as possible do not get into insults as they will bounce back and not in a good way.

  2. Do not start the quarrels but do be firm in handling them. Try to avoid confrontation with your mother-in-law, be sure not to start anything. The fact you are married is proof enough that you are in a great position to make decisions for yourself. These decisions may not always be met with agreement, firmly and politely let her know that you and your spouse have the final say in matters that concern you. There is no law that says you must have problems with your mother-in-law, so do go in always looking for problems.

    4. Address Issues as they come. 
    Once issues arise address them and do let them settle and fester. It is not a good thing to carry grudges that may simply be due to simple lapses in communication. If there is anything giving you cause for concern handle it immediately. Your willingness to clear any matter as it arises will put you in good light.


  1. Let Gratitude be the Bottom Line. This is the mother of that person you say is your soul mate. If you love and appreciate your spouse, a good relationship with his/her mother is imperative for peace and happiness to reign in your relationship. The relationship is a long term one and so be sure to make it worthwhile. Think of how your actions will be perceived by the one you intend to share your life with before you act.


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